Company Introduction

Super Offshore was created to help those who have worked in Australia, and have contributed to a Super, who may not be getting either the performance or service that they deserve.

Typically there are very few offshore wealth management firms that can help clients with their Superannuation which means clients who have left Australia do not have their retirement needs addressed sufficiently. Due to poor management, excessive charges, and many clients invested into ‘place and forget’ generic strategies, we have found that many people’s Supers are not reaching their potential. After many years within the offshore advisory sector, we noticed this massive gap within the market and decided to fill this niche and thus Super Offshore was born. Through active management of your portfolio we can help you achieve your financial objectives for retirement .

Super Offshore uses the award winning* North Online Platform which is easy to use and secure. It helps you confidently

  • Keep track of you investment, super and retirement accounts in one place.
  • View your correspondence in an online filing cabinet.
  • Make deposits and contributions.
  • Produce reports and account summaries on the fly.
  • Access latest product information and news.

* Chant West Advised Product Of The Year 2017 - winner

Super Offshore was created to help those who have worked in Australia, and have contributed to a Super

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When you work in Australia

It is compulsory to make payments into a Superannuation for your retirement. However, when you leave Australia then your Super performance may suffer.

  • Many clients we speak to are placed into a generic mutual fund or strategy such as a Balanced portfolio.
  • Mutual funds add a whole extra layer of charges that can restrict your growth potential.
  • The market averages 11% growth a year which many Supers fail to achieve
  • Poor management of a Superannuation can end up costing you $1000’s upon retirement.
  • A high percentage of Supers lack liquidity, which means that when the markets are falling, you are not protected and can lose any previous gains.

Super Offshore offers clients a bespoke Superannuation product that is managed by your own professional money manager.

Despite the wisdom of investing in growth assets to build long-term wealth, many people lack the confidence or knowledge when investing their Superannuation, preferring the high cost and illiquid structured products like mutual funds than high quality direct investments.

But what if there was a product that offered you access to an actively managed account that seeks the best possible returns whilst managing the risks 24/7?

Why choose us

Just a few words from our happy clients

Absolutely fantastic service. Highly recommend!

Robin S

I am getting massive growth, without the over the top fees.

Jamie H

At first I did not understand why mutual funds were holding me back until the costs were explained. The process to transfer was easy and I am delighted with the performance of my pension so far

Emma G

You can always rely on a timely answer to any question put to [Super Offshore]. They know their stuff and meet their clients needs.

Gareth B

I really appreciate the help and financial advice you have provided since I joined last year...I have seen that the fund had increased by 5K in the last month...Thanks again for your great help.

Marty B

Coming up to retirement and these guys helped me understand how I can draw my super to pay off me mortgage

Charlotte M


Access to Growth - Protection for Capital

Introducing a Managed Discretionary Account with Super Offshore, a new style of Superannuation for clients at every level of financial sophistication, from those starting out with relatively simple Super and Insurance needs through to the High Net Worth Investor approaching retirement.

We create a unique portfolio for you based on your objectives. Our strategy is to outperform the ASX200 by investing directly into Blue Chip dividend paying shares across a variety of sectors including banking, consumables, healthcare and utilities with the weighting of these adjusted based on your attitude to risk. If Capital Protection is your objective then we also have a 100% Capital Guaranteed portfolio available.*

This new investment solution is designed to balance the need many people have for growth and protection.

Your dedicated professional money manager will manage your Superannuation portfolio on a day to day basis and protect your investments.

Log into your account 24/7. Communicate directly with the traders managing your account.

* Terms and Conditions apply. please contact us for further details







The above chart depicts actual clients performances over a variety of portfolio's. Please note that past performance is not an accurate indicator towards future performance.


The above chart depicts actual clients performances over a variety of portfolio's. Please note that past performance is not an accurate indicator towards future performance.


The above chart depicts actual clients performances over a variety of portfolio's. Please note that past performance is not an accurate indicator towards future performance.



You Ask, We Answer

We can review your current portfolio, identify areas of concern and put together a portfolio suggestion which will take you where you need to go.
You will have your own account manager who will discuss what return you wish to achieve and risk profile and then will manage your Super on a day to day basis.
We use the North Online platform which is powered by AMP. This gives you 24/7 access allowing full transparency. You can log in here
All investments are Australian domiciled such as dividend paying blue chip stocks on the ASX200, ETF’s (Exchange Traded Funds), Fixed Interest and Bonds.
Mutual Funds can be good for diversity however they can be restrictive, especially in a declining market. Every fund has its own fund management charge (AMC). Mutual funds typically contain a mixture of other funds and direct stocks and shares, each carrying its own layer of charges which can impede growth.
As with any investment, your performance is subject to volatility as markets move both up and down. Due to the liquidity of our portfolios, we place stop losses which means if the market falls we can move your investments and hold cash until the market recovers. This is not a feature available to mutual funds. Whilst you sometimes may incur a short term loss, in the mid to long term we are confident that you will be happy with your performance
We do offer a 100% Capital Protected Portfolio for those defensive minded clients. This is only available for portfolios in excess of $100,000 due to the way it is structured. Terms and conditions apply so please contact us for further information.
Yes. If, for example, you had a portfolio worth $250,000, you could place $150,000 into a Capital Protected strategy and the rest could be placed into a moderately aggressive strategy.
Historically we outperform the market. The market tends to average out at 11% in the mid to long term and our clients tend to have an annualized performance of 15% dependent on risk profile (figures provided are based on a ten year average and excluding the Capital Protected Portfolio).
With our discretionary management service, there is no lock in period. However, to take advantage of our Capital Protected Portfolio there are terms and conditions attached. Otherwise you are free to transfer at any point.
Yes, all investment advice and management is regulated by the Australian Financial Services Authority, giving you the security and protection that you deserve.
Yes, please contact us and we will help you locate your lost Superannuation.
Firstly, you would need to send us a copy of your Superannuation statement (s). We would then review this with you, discuss what you are hoping to achieve then we would put a plan in place. We would then transfer your Superannuation and get it working hard for you. This process can take up to four weeks.

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